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McCovey At The Plate

© copyright 2013, Kent Myers

24" x 30" FINE ART GICLEE Not For Sale


This image was commissioned by an art collector and baseball fan who was also an avid silver age comic reader. Seeing my other illustrations in the "Mighty Marvel" style, the client described this pivotal moment in the Giant's 1962 season when McCovey lined-out in the 9th inning of the world series. This drawing was a really fun challenge and I researched heavily to ensure accurate period details in the stadium, uniforms and subtleties down to the hotdog vendors in the stands. Candlestick stadium itself was an open horseshoe shape as depicted here and before it was enclosed in a full circle. At one point I was hung up on capturing the spirit of McCovey when my friend Cosmo, a caricaturist on Fisherman's Wharf, helped me out. He instantly recalled the event-a huge deal at the time, and his description as a cartoonist helped bring this image to life. This drawing is a "What If?" moment, as described by McCovey himself at his induction to the hall of fame when he wished he had hit the ball 6 inches higher for a game-winning base hit and RBI.


Giclee is a French word (Jee-Clay) meaning fine art ink jet print. This was printed on heavy cotton fine art archival paper, the same paper used for lithographs. The inks are also archival and in a way, giclees are like a modern lithograph. The printers are similar to a consumer ink jet printer, although much higher quality. The machines used produce a much broader color range than traditional offset (CMYK) printing. Giclees are often used for museum prints and photographs as the quality is near traditional chemical photo processing.